Earlier this month, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the upcoming third volume of The Extermination Compilation. It kicked off with absolute hammers from Terror and Higher Power, showing that the compilation has its finger on the pulse of the nation's best hardcore. Now we're back to show you two more burners from the comp, courtesy of Boston / NYC act Countdown and NYC's Manipulate.

The Countdown track is something special, serving as the band's final recorded track. It's a bummer to hear, but luckily they've brought something super heavy to go out on. "Average Man" is a helicopter blade of riffage, spinning into a sweet breakdown and solo of a farewell. Manipulate keep the pace up with "Shadow Walker," a brick of a track that barrels out into effects and other gnarly shit, a solid set piece to keep NYHC going.

Pre-order the compilation and check the two tracks from Terror and Higher Power that came before. Manipulate will also join Incendiary for our upcoming gig at Brooklyn Bazaar.