Boise, Idaho's Ingrown love speed, and they love MEAN. Somewhere in between the blasts and the menacing Agnostic Front-influenced hardcore, it becomes apparent that the band's urgent, clenched-teeth delivery has plenty of staying power. Maybe it's the desolation or being the butt of endless potato jokes, but any way you slice it, the six tracks across their latest EP, Meathead, exhibit a menace that is rare in hardcore, a volatility that reminds us of the first time we heard Negative Approach or Poison Idea — these guys are fucking pissed. Stream all of Ingrown's Meathead (which hits via Alternatives Label on Friday, June 16) below for the first time. Order yours.

Fans of everything from Infest and Cold Sweat to Scapegoat and many stops in between, you'll probably want to hear this. Must-attend tour dates below as well.