White Suns don't aim to give you a headache. Instead, they run the gamut of sonic textures, leading you on an unsettling journey through time and space. Today, they're premiering Psychic Drift, a record that shows the duo going beyond even 2014 predecessor Totem. The band employs synthesizers, field recordings and samples to generate a variety of unique soundscapes from song to song. "Korea" will have you feeling like you're under a machine before it segues into warped samples, like an opera from a sinister, alternate dimension. Spoken-word and shouted vocals fight their way through thick layers of noise, adding a dose of surreality to the proceedings. At times, you'll feel disturbed; at others, in a trance. It's a killer record that can satisfy both those heavily invested in the scene and those brand new to it.

Hear Psychic Drift below, and pre-order from The Flenser before it's out this Friday.