Chemistry between musicians is a rare thing. Whether that magnetism leads to harmony or volatility, the results can be staggering. Sometimes, that success has nothing to do with kinship between the musicians — see Lennon-McCartney or the Gallagher brothers.

Coca Leaf — a moniker that we can only surmise has everything to do with the members' worship of vending machine beverages (you hear that, sponsors?!) — is a bit of a supergroup, teaming Carson Cox and David Vassalotti (Merchandise) with ZZ Ramirez (Ukiah Drag / Destruction Unit) and Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Hubble, ex-the Men) for a new LP on Wharf Cat. The six-song LP, titled Deep Marble Sunrise, features the leadoff track "Riding Ice," a dancefloor-ready, post-punk-style stomper that recalls the no-wave punk-funk of Bush Tetras, A Certain Ratio, James Chance and others. Nihilistic and psychedelic, the track is a bit of a surprise for fans of any of the players' previous work, but is certainly no surprise with respect to quality and playability. Stream the track below for the first time.

Order your copy of Deep Marble Sunrise ahead of its July 14 release via Wharf Cat.