Us And Us Only are a band out of Baltimore that play moody, heartfelt indie rock that's catchy, weird, and refreshing. The band is set to release their new full-length, Full Flower, and today they're premiering their video for the title track of the album. The video is a pretty straightforward concept, the band losing themselves in their music while a variety of lighting matches up with the palette of emotions they go through in the track. Off the top, you're treated to some driving rock music, with riffs stopping in the middle of the road for a subversion of what you might normally come to expect from a song like this. Part way through this, the band takes side routes to more ambient, low-key playing, coming to ahead in the song's bridge. Synthesizers worm their way in, things get really quiet, for a few moments you'll find yourself lost in the soundscape they create. For those unfamiliar with the band it's the perfect introduction, for those who've been down, you'll be very excited where things will go next.

Hear "Full Flower" below, and pre-order the record from Topshelf.