The term pop punk is so derogatory nowadays. It's probably because it conjures up ideas of Blink 182, NOFX, and much of the juvenile stupidity that dominated the airwaves in the late 90s early 00s. But effectively, the term pop punk is, in a lot of ways, just a nod to Buzzcocks or early Damned when melodic vocals ruled and before guys like Discharge reinvented punk. Maybe we'll just use the term power pop going forward.

Needles//Pins love power pop, but their version is in the corner of bands like Leatherface –tough and hard-nosed, but with a keen sense of melody and a particular focus on a damn good riff. Vocals are clean, in much the same way that Lemmy's vocals are as well, and there is an overall muscularity to the whole thing. Yet by definition, you could call this -gulp- pop punk.

Fuck that, though. The new video and the new track "Miracle" are too damn ripping to dump into that kiddie pool. This is a track written by and for adults who appreciate solid and simple melody. Check out "Miracle" above from the forthcoming Good Night Tomorrow and order yours.