Hardcore matters, and you're probably on the wrong site if you disagree with that. Today, we're excited to announce the newest edition of one of the best hardcore collections, The Extermination Compilation. For years, Ricky Singh, Che Figueroa, and Flatspot Records have kept their ear to the scene, bringing out some of hardcore's best, not to mention its most promising upstarts. In just two editions, they've dropped heat from Turnstile, Angel Du$t, Backtrack, Power Trip and more. And with two of the songs we're premiering today from Volume III, the heat is going to continue.

First up, we've got LAHC band Terror. No formal introduction necessary — it's Terror. For the comp, they bring out "Other Worlds," which doesn't bullshit around with any pretense, immediately throwing you into the thick of it. The guitars sound loud as hell, bouncing around in a perfect two-step before finishing with a crushing breakdown.

We're also bringing you "World Gone Mad" from Higher Power, out of Leeds. Wavy vocals flow over super bassy chugs, creating an interesting push-pull. There's a lot of interesting shit that happens under the surface, riffs flying just under the weight of the main chugs. It's a kickass track, and the best representation of the comp's musical diversity.

Pre-order the compilation right here and check out the track list:

1. Terror, "Other Worlds"
2. Countdown, "Average Man"
3. Disgrace, "Hunt / Reprise"
4. Manipulate, "Shadow Walker"
5. Piece by Piece, "Hating You"
6. Take Offense, "Enter the Center"
7. Higher Power, "World Gone Mad"
8. Friend or Foe, "Invincible"
9. D.C. Disorder, "Naive to a World"