For the past couple months, we've been riding hard for The Extermination Compilation, Volume III. We've brought you new rippers from the likes of Terror, Higher Power, Countdown and Manipulate. But today, you can stop drooling over the track list for the record, as we're extremely excited to stream the whole thing in its entirety. There's a ton of heaters to dig into. Disgrace's "Hunt / Reprise" is a tornado of riffs and grit, high-speed drumming and out of control guitars. Piece by Piece stake their claim as one of the angriest and most aggro bands with a sub-minute pipe bomb, "Hating You," while their Cali brethren Take Offense keep hardcore weird on "Enter the Center." The compilation fills all cravings you have for hardcore, bringing a diverse set of sounds all under one cover.

Pick up your copy of The Extermination Compilation, Volume III from Flatspot Records.