Cayetana aren't exactly overthinkers. The Philadelphia trio's musical approach skews textural, rather than theory-based: loose, shaggy rock with zero pretension, the musical equivalent of your favorite sweater. It's surprising, then, to find the band fretting on "Certain for Miles," the latest single off their forthcoming album New Kind of Normal. "I always seem to doubt how everyone seems to have it all figured out," frontwoman Augusta Koch confesses, her throaty warble cracking as if buckling under the weight of her existential stress. Like the rest of the world, Cayetana have yet to unravel life's greatest mysteries; but unlike us and many of their peers, they've got the guitar rock master plan down pat, masking the dread with subtle harmonies and chunky riffs. Listen below.

New Kind of Normal is out May 5 via Plum Records. Pre-order it here.