While we question at least one-third of the theorem that sex is natural, fun and best when it's one-on-one, we know that intimacy is inexorably enmeshed with most of our favorite art. In today's Late Night Dedication, we chat with Cayetana's Augusta Koch about middle school heartbreak, watching The Office during sex and how bandmate Allegra Anka is a low-key sex symbol. Their latest album, New Kind of Normal, is out May 5.

What was on the first mix you made for a crush?
The first mix I made was actually for my first boyfriend after we broke up in eighth grade. It just had “Motorcycle Drive By” by Third Eye Blind on it 13 times in a row. I was really heartbroken; needless to say, he never talked to me again. Now I can’t listen to that song without laughing my ass off.

What albums can you not listen to anymore because of a break-up?
I can’t really listen to Orange Rhyming Dictionary by Jets to Brazil anymore. "Sea Anemone" off of that record is one of the most heartbreaking songs in the world. I think I spent several weeks straight listening to it. Those were dark times.

What are your thoughts on PDA at a gig?
It doesn’t really bother me, personally. It always makes me happy to see people in love. If they were, like, straight-up doing it on the floor, I’d be a little freaked.

Is it corny to play music during sex?
No! I think that’s totally normal and romantic. Throw on a little Neil Young, maybe the Aquabats — instant lovemaking. Is it corny to watch The Office during sex? I think not.

Does going to a show constitute a date?
I don’t know if I’ve ever been on an actual date in my life. I have had many relationships that started with going to shows together, so I guess I’d say yes.

Who’s the greatest musical sex symbol?
I would have to say [Cayetana bassist] Allegra [Anka] is the greatest musical sex symbol. Everyone always raves about how she just oozes sex.

Does music taste matter in a relationship?
Music taste does matter to me — even if it might sound shitty and egotistical. I don’t mind if the music is weird; I just like when people actually listen to things because they like them and not because they think it's cool. Sincerity is so hot. That being said, I did once date someone who listened to nonstop Sublime and Linkin Park, and it drove me fucking nuts.

Would you ever date a fan of your band?
First off, I have a hard time believing people actually like our band. I hope my partner likes our band. I think he does, but he’s also a very kind person. So, who knows?

Have you ever cried while listening to a song? If so, what was the last time you did so?
I cry all the time. When I feel like I really need a good cry, I just listen to David Bazan. His new album, Care, is incredible. I cried very hard recently to the song “Make Music” off of that album.

Have you ever had to talk to somebody about a song you’ve written about them (or that they think was written about them)?
I did once get a text about a song I had written, and I responded with a YouTube video of “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. They were totally right, though — the song was about them.

What musician knows the most about love?
I think the “Remember the Mountain Bed” cover by Billy Bragg and Wilco is my favorite love song. That was written by Woody Guthrie, but that seems like a strange answer. Anyone who can write a good break-up song probably knows a good deal about love.

Which do you like more: love songs or break-up songs?
I’m an incredibly sappy person. I dance the line of love and heartbreak daily. I think I gravitate towards break-up songs even though I’m in a very healthy relationship. Sad songs seem to affect me on a way deeper level, for some reason.