While we question at least one-third of the theorem that sex is natural, fun and best when it's one-on-one, we know that intimacy is inexorably enmeshed with most of our favorite art. In today's special seasonal installment of Late Night Dedication, we chat with Holly Miranda about heeding the wisdom of Leonard Cohen, crying to Pink Floyd and putting Tool songs on a crush's mixtape. Miranda recently teamed with Ambrosia Parsley and Chris Maxwell for the holiday album Catskill Christmas, available now via Dangerbird. Check out their comfy new video for "Going to Get the Tree" below.

What was on the first mix you made for a crush?
It was probably lots of Curtis Mayfield, Ani DiFranco and Tool.

What albums can you not listen to because of a break-up?
I don’t know if there is a specific album, but maybe more of a song that you shared an intimate moment with someone to, a dance. Maybe Billie Holiday’s “What a Little Moonlight Can Do” makes my heart hurt a little — but I still listen to it.

Thoughts on PDA at a gig?
Do you mean someone kissing me at my gig? Or someone kissing me at someone else’s gig? Or someone kissing someone else at my gig? In any case, I’m cool with all of it.

Is music during sex corny?
I mean, if something like “Crazy on You” by Heart comes on while you’re going to town on someone, then maybe, but no — if you do it right, it’s not corny at all.

Does going to a show constitute a date?
Taking someone to see a show definitely constitutes a date in my book. I have dated people who don’t like live music, and that is kind of a hard thing, given that’s what I do for living. So, yeah, if I can take someone on a date to a show, that is a plus.

What musician would you want to make out with most (dead or alive)?
Nina Simone.

Does music taste matter in a relationship?
I don’t know if it’s a deal-breaker, but it can’t hurt to love Nina Simone.

Would you ever date someone that was a fan of your band?
I have. I’ve also dated people who are not a fan — neither really bothers me, but it’s always nice when you can share that part of yourself with your partner.

Have you ever cried while listening to a song? If so, what was the last time?
Yes, I cried last night listening to Dark Side of the Moon.

Have you ever had to talk to somebody about a song you’ve written about them?
I’ve told people that songs are about them, but I don’t think I’ve ever “had” to. Also, a song is never fully about one person — not for me anyways. The seed may come from one experience, but what fills out the rest of the thought is usually from multiple places and people.

What musician knows the most about love?
Leonard Cohen.

Do you like love songs or hate songs more?
I dig love.