While we question at least one-third of the theorem that sex is natural, fun and best when it's one-on-one, we know that intimacy is inexorably enmeshed with most of our favorite art. In today's Late Night Dedication, we test the carnal knowledge of Mike Simpson, guitarist / vocalist of Toronto-based "alt-doom" quartet Godstopper, whose outstanding fifth release, Who Tries Anymore, just dropped on Hex.

What was on the first mix you made for a crush?
I can't remember which came first. There was a Victor Wooten one, and there was a Carnivore one. I was really into bass and self-aware humorous crossover shit at that time.

What albums can you not listen to because of a break-up?
A lot of hardcore, and melodic punk. 7 Seconds — stuff like that. But to be honest, as much as I tried, I never really liked to listen to that stuff anyway.

Thoughts on PDA at a gig?
Man, one of the best things I've seen at a show was two random unattached girls making out in the front row. And I believe that was during Crucifist. I can't frown on that.

Is music during sex corny?
If it's premeditated, yes. It'd feel like something out of a scene from Fresh Prince. I think usual practice is just whatever you'd already had on stays on. That could be Teddy Pendergrass or it could be a fucking TED Talk.

Does going to a show constitute a date?
Shit, I hope so. I use the show invite all the time.

What musician would you want to make out with most (dead or alive)?
Betty Davis, with an honorable mention going to St. Vincent. Grimes, too.

Does music taste matter in a relationship?
It does, but never as much as we like to worry ourselves thinking it does. I think an open mind is the most important thing. If I was with someone who didn't really listen to Scott Walker 'cause she was a lawyer and worked 80 hours a week, but still she'd be down to at least peep a record with me and have a conversation about it, I would be a very happy man.

Would you ever date someone that was a fan of your band?
Yeah, of course. I mean, don't you think it'd be odd if your significant other wasn't a fan of your band? It's a pretty big part of what I do.

Have you ever cried while listening to a song? If so, what was the last time?
The last time I remember was Glen Campbell singing "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)." Performing that and knowing that your ailments are going to take you over was super powerful. I probably watched the video of him performing it two or three times after that.

Have you ever had to talk to somebody about a song you’ve written about them?
No. I'd actually really like to, though. Once we got over the kind of big blow of the admission that I'd written a song about them, maybe that could spark a conversation to get off of my chest what was bothering me [or] resolve whatever the problem was.

What musician knows the most about love?
I feel like Joe Tex had a lot of really informative songs about love. His style is really unique in that regard.

Do you like love songs or hate songs more?
I don't think anyone in their right mind should say they like "hate songs." Sounds pretty unpleasant to me.