Numerology > Vibeology. So, what better way to get to know a band than bombarding them with numerical associations? Today, we Count Off with Brooklyn punks Aye Nako. The group's new album, Silver Haze, is due April 7 via Don Giovanni. 

1. Can you describe Aye Nako in one sentence or phrase?
Mars Ganito [vocals / guitar]: Uh! No! Nothing. Just kidding. Just emo? [Laughs] Nothing, I’m just kidding. I guess the short description on Facebook works: sad punk songs about being queer, trans and black.

2. What do your parents think of your music?
MG: My parents like the music I make better than when I used to be in screamo bands. My mom still doesn’t like it. Like any of it — because it's not, like, opera. My dad likes it, I think. He’s kind of an old rocker guy. They’re very supportive.
Jade Payne [guitarist]: I think my parents like it, because I used to play in a lot more metal projects, so I don’t think they’re gonna like listening to the lyrics — but if I have it on in the background, they’ll be like, “This is OK!.” My dad always happens to have our band shirt on at our shows — and it's funny, because the one band shirt we had [that he wears] is the one that has butts on it.

7. If you won the lottery and could buy any gear, rent out a venue or indulge in any other music-related purchase you wanted, what would you pick and why?
MG: We'd probably get a tour van. With air conditioning.

9. If you were a professional athlete, what would your entrance music be?
MG: The Stone Cold Steve Austin theme song.

(I)95. What album do you listen to the most when you’re driving from tour stop to tour stop?
MG: Well, Rilo Kiley’s Take Offs and Landings is actually stuck in our CD player. And it’s been stuck there for almost a year. But we don’t actually listen to it — although we do really like it!

12. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a band so far?
JP: Trying to find a balance between paying the bills and still taking the time off to do it. Maybe eventually blending the two a little bit.

13. Do you follow any superstitions when you’re on the road or playing a show?
MG: Yeah, we definitely HAVE to stop at Taco Bell at some point.

21. You are chilling in a bar that has a jukebox, and it's your turn to put on a song. What do you put on?
MG: “Dreaming” by Blondie, or something by Korn.

50. Which state is your favorite state to play? 
MG: Florida!

What about Florida sells it to you? Is it the weather? The gators? The copious theme parks?
MG: All of the above! The gators! The nature! The people who are pretty excited about us! There’s definitely an energy; People are so appreciative that you’re there. There’s really good energy there, in our experience. We actually have a little system with Universal Studios where we can go for free once a year. So, that’s been cool, too.

51. Suppose you can pick any album you wanted and send it out into space for extraterrestrial life to enjoy — and hopefully spare the human race from intergalactic terrorism. What music do you extend as an olive branch?
MG: Jean-Jacques Perrey, that French dude that makes funny sounds on his synthesizer. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Or I could just ask them to take us. Take us instead!

You would just send yourself up to space, along with the album?