Numerology > Vibeology. So, what better way to get to know an artist than bombarding them with probing numerical associations? Today we Count Off with Nandi Rose Plunkett, the mastermind behind genre-bending pop powerhouse Half Waif. The project's new EP, form/a, is anything but formulaic, masterfully blending Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Claude Debussy and traditional Indian bhajans. It drops February 24 on Cascine, and you can hear singles "Severed Logic" and "Frost Burn" below.

1: Describe your band in one sentence.
A hyper-melodic boat tour through the jewel-toned waters of your own head.

2: What do your parents think about your music?
My parents are huge supporters. My dad is a musician and a songwriter / poet in his spare time, so he really connects with what I’m doing. He listens to my music every time he cooks. I think there was a time my mom wanted me to write like I used to, when I was younger — simpler, more direct piano-pop ballads. The more experimental mode I went into in college and after was curious to her. But after spending more time with it, I think she gets it now — I’m grateful she’s really sat with it and taken the time to understand what I’m doing. It’s interesting to me that my parents get to know a part of me through my music.

3: What are three things you can’t do without on tour?
Books to read in the car, a notebook to write down my thoughts and good salads.

half waif 2
Courtesy of Half Waif

4: Who do you play music 4?
The part of myself I want to know more.

7: Do you believe in luck?
Not really, but I believe in the power of intention.

10: What was your favorite album when you were 10?

The Sign by Ace of Base

20: If I gave you a $20 bill right now, what would you spend it on?
It would go directly to the ACLU.

80: What will you listen to when you’re 80?
I’ll listen to Arvo Pärt and reflect dreamily on my life.

666: Who or what would you go to hell for?
I don’t believe in hell and I’m too much of a rule-follower to condemn myself for eternity. But I have had some bad thoughts about what I’d like to do to our current president and his administration.