Your Pest Band are one of Japan's wildest garage-punk groups. Last December, we showed you the title track to Old Springhead, and today you can hear the album in its entirety. The band excels by lulling you into thinking they're playing loose, when in actuality, everything is precise and meaningful. Opener "Another Pale Moonlight" is a get-wasted, all-nighter anthem, but the band speeds things up when needed. "Skeletonized Corpse" adds some pop and generates a whirlwind of noisy fun. They successfully blend punk made famous by the likes of the Marked Men and Mean Jeans, while incorporating their own personality. This is a record that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet never slacks on anything.

Hear Old Springhead in full below, and pre-order the album from Dead Broke (U.S.) and Brassneck (EU).