Fange are all about grit. Last year, the band released Purge, a volatile mix of fury and sludge that will ruin the day of most people around you. They're not interested in slowing down, and today are premiering their newest record, Pourrissoir. Against all odds, Fange have made their music even more evil, everything coated with more coruscating layers of noise. Opener "Agapes" is a charging machine of rage, elements of crust punk and hardcore coalescing with the rest of the sludge, only stopping for a murderous breakdown. It flows perfectly into the machine-gun riffing on "Ressac," which starts and stops at jarring intervals. The whole record is a cold, gritty production that raises the stakes of noise commingling with metal.

Hear the album below, and order a physical copy from Throatruiner or Lost Pilgrim (Europe), or Deathwish, Inc. (U.S.)

Apr. 16 — Paris, France @ Glad Stone Fest
Apr. 21 — Tilburg, Netherlands @ Roadburn Festival
Apr. 23 — Karlsruhe, Germany @ Dudefest
Apr. 27 — Rennes, France @ Mondo Bizarro
Jun. 2 — Sonvilier, Switzerland @ Toxoplasmose Fest