SoCal hardcore greats Xibalba recently announced their plans to follow up 2015's excellent Tierra Y Libertad LP with a three-track EP titled Diablo, Con Amor ... Adios. It's some of their most punishing material to date, and — remarkably, for these baddest of hombres — their most emotional work, too.

Case in point: "Adios," the EP's freshly revealed closer. Vocalist Nate Rebolledo sounds as rabid as ever, screaming and spitting like a caged wolf; a glance at the lyrics, however, reveals a human with a heavy heart, reflecting on good times long since passed. "With love, I say goodbye," he yowls into the void. "Here is my last stand, a sincere message / Maybe on deaf ears, but remember you and I." It's hard to listen to without getting goosebumps.

Stream "Adios" below via Decibel, and pre-order Diablo, Con Amor ... Adios here ahead of its February 14 release date via Closed Casket Activities.

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