Everyone knows about the love affair between rap and mosh pits, but when it came to shooting the new ASAP Ferg video with Lil Uzi Vert and Marty Baller, the band called on the kings of California mosh Xibalba to step in with NOMADS.

Nathan Rebolledo, the Xibalba frontman credits director Adam Degross with the idea and shed some light on the guys and their experience at the shoot.

"The director is a good friend of ours, he booked a bunch of hardcore and punk shows out in Minneapolis. So we've played there a bunch of times and he's always booked us. He's a great photographer and has gotten involved in the rap world. So he told us he was shooting a video and since Ferg is kind of down with punk and hardcore, he told him he wanted to something that was about that vibe. So they asked us and NOMADS. The show was a lot of fun, and a very typical Xibalba style show."

"A lot of the footage of the moshing and stuff is of our crowd during our set. During our set Ferg ran out to the crowd and started moshing, it was amazing. Ferg and Uzi were really rad, and the crowd was basically our friends. Those dudes had no attitudes, and were just great – hanging out and drinking with our friends and watching the show. They definitely were like "what the fuck are we watching," but you could tell they were down."

Check out the video above and look for the flurry of hardcore guys making sure to open up the pit.