While the circumstances of Vallenfyre's origin were tragic — frontman Gregor Mackintosh seeking an outlet to come to terms with his father's passing — the silver lining is that, ever since 2011 debut A Fragile King, we've gotten regular exposure to two outstanding death-doom endeavors from the founding Paradise Lost guitarist. The supergroup — also featuring Hamish Glencross, formerly of fellow Peaceville Three legends My Dying Bride — received substantial U.S. exposure thanks to the 2015 Decibel Magazine Tour (supporting ripping sophomore effort Splinters), and this year Mackintosh's hard work in both outfits has dovetailed, as not only is PL's umpteenth LP Medusa due this summer, but Vallenfyre's just-released third full-length Fear Those Who Fear Him hit via Century Media last Friday. So, we're thrilled to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for the latter's "The Merciless Tide." It's a ceaselessly grim, raw doomscape that doesn't even need the noose and cleaver to let you know that it means business. Mackintosh elaborates:

'The Merciless Tide' is about the relentless march of time and also wishing you could be in someone else's shoes to save them suffering. In the video, we see a man going through immense suffering over a long period of time, never being able to grasp the things he craves, whilst faceless tormentors observe in indifference. This is incredibly grim, so enjoy.

Enjoy you shall!

Jul. 6 — Torgau, DE @ In Flammen Open Air
Aug. 9 — Josefov, CZ @ Brutal Assault Festival
Aug. 19 — Saint-Nolff, FR @ Motocultor Festival