A couple months back, we noticed a kind of gross shift in mainstream rock, where bands were completely dropping anything resembling guitars in favor of poorly made electro-beats. Since then, the trend has continued with even more horrible tracks from the likes of Fall Out Boy, making this summer's wave of rock music seem like a drought of anything good.

But today, Foo Fighters decided to lead the charge against this trend by dropping their new single and video for "Run." Without hyperbole, it might be the band's hardest track in a decade, a six-minute ripper that sounds absolutely huge. Video-wise, it's a treat as well, showcasing a sea of octogenarians beating the hell out of each other. (And we're sure there's a bunch of dudes from bands covered in makeup enjoying the ruckus.)

Look, Dave Grohl isn't a fan of pop trends or bands appearing plastic. He's definitely way more into guitar music than probably anyone else on the planet, and seemingly pays attention to what's going on. While he hasn't said anything explicitly regarding how he feels about the current shift in rock music, it's hard not to infer his feelings. But instead of hopping in an interview to bitch about things, he decided to raise the stakes and push the band's limits.