Say the name aloud quickly and you'll get a sense of what they are about: Vaguess. Yes, the artist also known as Vinny Vaguess (pronounced "Vegas," if that wasn't clear enough) practices a snotty brand of punk that hearkens back to the classic pop-inflected territory of the late '70s / early '80s — always razor-sharp and melodic. The latest single is "Guilt Ring," an urgent, minute-plus ripper (from the album of the same name) that recalls Devo, the Spits and more; it keeps the emphasis on melody over muscle while maintaining an edge and never fumbling into full-on cornball. It's a rare feat, and a tightrope that many attempt, but only a few are able to achieve (see Descendents, Jeff Burke / Mark Ryan's projects, etc.). Stream the new track below.

Order your copy of the album via Sinderlyn ahead of its March 2 release date.