Prior to Scott "Wino" Weinrich being in a little band called Saint Vitus, he was playing with Maryland-based stoner / doom favorites the Obsessed. As the years went by, he'd come and go with the project, eventually leaving it seemingly for good in 1995. Between 2011 and now, the same was the case, with the frontman playing reunion shows at Maryland Deathfest and Roadburn. Throughout all of it, their last recording was 1994's major label debut, The Church Within. Now comes word that the band has revisited one of their first releases, the Sodden Jackal 7" from 1983, by recording the classic track for Adult Swim (as "Sodden Jackyl"). The song is streamable below for the first time.

The track is an indication that the stoner / doom legends are back in full swing. In fact, the Obsessed have signed to Relapse, and will soon release their new LP, Sacred, recorded with Brian Constantino and Dave Sherman (both of Planet Caravan). Since then, Sherman has made an exit, with Wino (the only standing member from previous years), Bruce Falkinburg, Sara Seraphim and Constantino rounding out the now-four piece lineup.