Remember the time before all these new jacks discovered Joy Division and watered it down? You know, after Interpol and eventually Control? [Insert chin-scratch emoji] What all of these guys forgot was, at the end of the day, Joy Division were a goddamn punk band, filled with anger and angst and heft. Thankfully, Soviet Soviet get it.

Soviet Soviet put the punk back into post-punk with their new single "Pantomime." With a highly distorted and driving bassline, guitars relegated to reverb-heavy melodies and hi-hats on 64th-note duty, you won't know whether to pump your clenched fist in punk triumph or dance the fog-laden night away. Stream the track below.

The track is one of two from the band's forthcoming LP, Endless, with the second being "Endless Beauty," available below. Order yours via Felte and look for it on December 2.