“Good Conversation” is the culmination of everything that Snakehole do best. The Miami / Philadelphia noise-rock duo — comprised of singer-drummer KC Toimil and singer-guitarist Autumn Casey — makes abrasive music, and “Good Conversation” is one of the duo’s meaner songs. Though it’s a familiar, memorable track to anyone who’s seen the band live in the last few years, it sounds even bigger recorded, thanks in part to Ben Greenberg’s studio wizardry.

The song begins with Casey's swamp metal riff before being joined by Toimil’s pummeling rhythm. It proceeds in a slow build towards wonderful cacophony, all the while keeping a firm beat on the duo’s signature, maddening, noisy miasma. “Good Conversations” is almost a microcosmic effigy to new LP Interludes of Insanity as a whole. It’s got a great riff, a shit-ton of anger and controlled chaos — in short, everything you’d want from a Snakehole tune, except it sounds fucking massive this go-round.

Interludes of Insanity is out March 23 on Wharf Cat Records.