A word of caution: Don't get on Snakehole's bad side. Less a rock duo than a pair of Floridian Valkyries, Autumn Casey and KC Toimil are well-versed in the art of translating the ramblings of the reptile brain into warped, off the cuff (or rather, scream-of-consciousness) noise-rock, as they so powerfully demonstrated on last year's debut 12". Consider them Death From Above 1979's fierce, feminist doppelgangers: two ferocious women dead-set on stirring up chaos.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Snakehole tapped Nina Hartmann —an adored, East Coast-based visual artist guided by similar unhinged principles — to craft the video for "Something to Become," taken from the aforementioned self-titled release. Like Casey and Toimil, she weaponizes her art against status quo in all its forms — aesthetic, political, sexual — unleashing a shared confrontational energy that informs the basis for the video's debauched, lo-fi spectacle. Gritty, surreal acts of violence abound, as we watch Snakehole torch a swan (calm down, animal lovers; it's an effigy), stab a wall and, of course, rage (in a yard full of burning garbage, natch). To brighten the mood Hartmann throws in numerous shots of an adorable stuffed animal who, ostensibly, has viewed the (miraculously) victimless bacchanal through soulless, beaded eyes.

Watch below, and please, kids, don't try this at home.

Snakehole released their self-titled 12" last year via Wharf Cat.