Dallas-based Slimy Member play some pretty sinister punk tunes, providing some good, dark fun. The band is set to release their new record, Ugly Music for Ugly People, in April, and we're premiering the entire album today. They've mastered the art of incorporating elements of death rock and post-punk into their high-speed punk jams, resulting in a soundtrack that should accompany you on your next wild cruise through a dark alley. Opener "Nightmare World" is a nice mission statement, showcasing the band's entire arsenal. Later, "Straight and Upright" sees them driving their guitars into a heavy, almost shoegaze-style reverb, slowing the pace. There's a real gleeful mayhem on the record, "A Sight to Behold" flaunting highly metallic, evil vocals in full-on Crypt Keeper mode. Ugly Songs is killer, mean fun, an amalgamation of different sources of darkness, dripped down into a cool-as-fuck record.

Hear the whole thing below, and look out for when it goes on pre-order from Drunken Sailor.