When we think of "bedroom pop," a glum image comes to mind: some agoraphobic, socially anxious musician whiling away the hours alone in their room under a self-imposed quarantine, translating solitude into softly strummed, tear-stained songs. Portland singer-songwriter Morgan O'Sullivan, who performs as Boreen, sees things a bit differently. "Bedroom pop's not a bad word for [my music], since they are pop songs made in a bedroom," he told Willamette Week recently, shrugging off the implied pejorative.

Although O'Sullivan performs the bulk of his creative labor by his lonesome (when he's not studying English at nearby Lewis & Clark College, that is), his new album, Friends, is a collaborative endeavor that deviates from standard bedroom pop convention by focusing less on autobiography and more on the outside world. "These songs, more than others, [are] stories about my friends," he explained to Williamette Week. Friends also lives up to its name on the musical front; O'Sullivan's sister and girlfriend sing on the record, and several friends pitched in on the drums. Now that's friendship.

Below, step inside O'Sullivan's not-so-lonely bedroom with “It Scares Me When You Give Me Things,” a cut off the upcoming album that we're premiering today. Scroll down to check out the album artwork and track list, plus Boreen's upcoming tour dates.

Friends is out March 10 via Good Cheer Records. Pre-order it here.


1. “Little Holes”
2. “Your Jaw”
3. “Safeway”
4. “It Scares Me When You Give Me Things”
5. “Scratch and Sniff”
6. “Garden”
7. “Amusement Park”
8. “Working Out”
9. “Maire”
10. “Mood Ring”
11. “Casper”

Mar. 13 — Portland, OR @ Lola’s Room
Mar. 16 — Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
Mar. 17 — Bellingham, WA @ MakeShift
Mar. 18 — Olympia, WA @ Track House
Mar. 22 — Portland, OR @ PSU