(Sandy) Alex G is gearing up to release his new album, Rocket, later this month. Judging from the tracks we've already heard, it's shaping up to be the Philadelphia songsmith's most nuanced effort yet; From the Bats for Lashes-esque "Witch" to the glum jangle-pop gem "Proud" and its acoustic counterpart "Bobby," there's something for everyone on this LP. Today marks the arrival of two more tracks, "Sportstar" and "Brick," upping the ante on his stylistic plate-spinning.

Once again, both cuts find Mr. G charting new territory. "Sportstar" is a slice of Auto-Tuned, psychedelic dream-pop, as unsettling as it is soothing; "Brick" is far more forlorn and punkish, driven by sneering, searing chants ("YOU THINK I DON'T, BUT I ALWAYS FUCKING DO!") and a ruthless, clattering backbeat that would make Show Me the Body blush. Check out both of the new tracks below.

(Sandy) Alex G's new album, Rocket, is out May 19 via Domino. Pre-order it here.