No one understands the pain and confusion of being an immigrant musician in Trump's America more than Roya's Rahill Jamalifard. A first-generation Iranian raised in the Rust Belt town of Lansing, Mich. (her parents emigrated to the United States during the Iranian Revolution of 1979, met as students at Michigan State University, and spent the ensuing years providing support for other immigrants), Jamalifard grew up in a culture of love and support. She took that positivity with her to Queens, N.Y., and made it manifest musically in the band Habibi, and later, Roya. Last summer, she expressed a desire to "give back everything and more to my parents, who came here as immigrants and sacrificed everything for my siblings and I" — a mission that's only become more clear as the political stormclouds have darkened post-election.

Enter Jamalifard's latest battle cry: Roya's self-titled debut, due out June 2 on Burger. Backed by members of Angry Angles, the Clean and Grooms, she's out to ensure that justice gets served by way of psychedelic squiggles, post-punk tantrums and moody, haunting vocals. Judging from the band's new song, "Scum Rise," we'd say it's mission accomplished. Listen below.

Roya's self-titled debut LP is out June 2 via Burger. Pre-order it here.