Here at CLRVYNT, we make a point to regularly trawl Bandcamp's new releases section in search of hidden, riff-filled gems that might otherwise go overlooked in today's glutted rock scene. One such treasure fell into our laps this week in the form of Pink Film's eponymous debut EP. The Washington, D.C.-based quartet is slowly but surely emerging as one of the District's most promising punk bands, a reputation further solidified in their raucous set at the storied hardcore festival Damaged City earlier this month. In a scene overflowing with street punks, synth nerds and hardcore kids, they keep things old-school, worshipping at Dischord's unkempt, ear-splitting altar. There's plenty of Devo worship, too — brittle, bouncing backbeats, static-y flourishes and deadpan vocals abound. Ian MacKaye, eat your heart out.

Listen below, and nab Pink Film's debut EP here as a free download.