Ohio sludge quintet Kenoma have been melting faces across the Midwest and beyond for 12 years now, without so much as an EP to their name. The group's sole release, a split with fellow Dayton natives Mouth of the Architect, came out in 2006. That's set to change this Friday, when the band will finally release their long-in-the-works debut, The Tides Will Prevail. A 50-minute journey through hulking doom, sprawling prog-rock and mucky, blackened deathgrind, the album is a must-listen for anyone who likes their metal brainy, as well as brutal — Locrian-esque fare that's well worth the wait. Stream it in full below ahead of its release via Translation Loss.

Kenoma's The Tides Will Prevail LP is out April 28 via Translation Loss. Pre-order it here.