Brace yourselves, avant-punk acoltyes: PC Worship have a new full-length on the way. Buried Wish, the New Yorkers' follow-up to 2014's Social Rust LP, is set to hit shelves February 24 via Northern Spy.

After sharing a "commercial" for the album earlier this week — which PC Worship mastermind Justin Frye wrote and recorded last year in the basement of an abandoned building that eventually flooded — Frye took to Noisey today to premiere "Blank Touch," a cut off the upcoming LP. A pointed departure from the esoteric improvisation of singles past, the garage-tinged track stands as the collective's catchiest yet. Singer, multi-instrumentalist and de facto bandleader Frye comes out from behind the boards to strut and sneer like Iggy Pop, while his colleagues (guitarist Michael Etten, drummer Shannon Sigley, bassist Jordan Bernstein and tape manipulator Pat Spadine) stir up a Royal Trux-flavored racket.

Don't think they're abandoning their blueprint entirely, though; Buried Wish has all of the off-the-cuff jams and oddball sampling that fans have come to expect. Stream "Blank Touch" below, and scroll down to check out Frye's thoughts on the track (via Noisey), along with the album artwork, track list and commercial.

Buried Wish is out February 24 via Northern Spy. Pre-order it here.

The process for writing this song began with a poem (which the form of the song references as well) that I wrote five years ago. It was partially about the de-evolution of love and intimacy, among a ton of other things, like corporate greed and the subtlety of a cat wandering through a parking lot / trash pile. I don't think I've ever written anything with an explicit or inherent meaning; usually my aim is to exorcise and connect meandering ideas, which might be relatively unrelated outside of my experience, but have [a] strong personal relation. A central theme in this song is anonymity.


1. "Lifeless Rain on an Empty Moon"
2. "Blank Touch"
3. "River Running Sideways"
4. "Back of My $$$"
5. "Help"
6. "Perched on the Wall"
7. "Tranq"
8. "Buried Wish"
9. "Flowers & Hunting"
10. "Moons"
11. "Torched"
12. "Tranquil Pain"