There's something admirable about a band that never stops and is always searching for inspiration. Music is an endless treasure trove of riches, and sometimes the songs that mean the most to you might only be found at the bottom of a stack of ratty old 45s, scratched to hell and part of a very small limited pressing. Group $oall, a Dutch outfit that released an EP in 1967, is one of those kinds of buried treasures, releasing their incredible "Will You Teach Me How to Love?" to limited numbers and appearing on rare compilations in the years that followed.

Mark Sultan clearly was inspired by the classic track, and covered it for his forthcoming BBQ LP due on November 25 via In the Red. The cover maintains the melancholy that made the original so great, but with a somewhat stripped-down and more guitar-heavy approach (he is, after all, just one man playing all the instruments at once). There are some covers that are abysmal, some covers that do nothing to build upon the original ideas and some covers that are so good that they kick-start a journey. This is most definitely the latter. Check it out below.