Not sure if we've told you this, but we fucking love what Mark Sultan does. Earlier this month, we brought you his killer garage rock take on Group $oall's "Will You Teach Me How to Love?" But now, we've got more Sultan for you to sink into: his entire new album, BBQ. The record features Sultan playing all his instruments at once, with some pretty rad results. His knows what he can do with the one-man band format — songs like "Broken Arms" move to the flow of his guitar playing, creating a real bumping sound that's impossible to ignore. Elsewhere, he's not afraid to get weird — in "Knock on Wood," his voice gets wild and cool over the twisting guitars, while "I Love You So Much" is a particularly fun chugger. Get lost in the too-catchy garage rock and energy he exudes.

Hear the full record below, and get BBQ from In the Red.