It'd be easy to say that recent hardcore has grown less inspired over the years. If you're feeling any kind of burnout and want to hop back into the scene, there's fewer better places to start than Long Knife. The Portland hardcore band has been steadily releasing albums since 2013's Wilderness, and aren't on any path to stopping. They're set to drop their next EP, Sewers of Babylon, this spring on Beach Impediment Records, and today they released "Painting the Night," a track under a minute and a half that's a complete tsunami of chaos. The band pulls in influences from all different sources, creating a cacophony of speed and noise that you won't soon forget.

Hear Long Knife's "Painting the Night" below, and check them out on tour this spring with Japanese hardcore legends Al, following up their recent string of shows with Japan's Forward. Also, check out a new song off Beach Impediment Records from Fried Egg.