Austin post-punk outfit Institute are proving to be one of the genre's most exciting bands to watch. The four-piece just announced their newest record, Subordination, due on Sacred Bones this June, and today they dropped their leadoff single, "Powerstation." Production-wise, Uniform's Ben Greenberg went the best route possible on the track, having the song sound as close to the band's live show as possible. Gritty is an understatement — guitars sound totally dirty and fucked up throughout, yet in a cool and confident way.

Vocalist Moses Brown adds:

'Powerstation' is about how the root of all power and control boils down to insecurities that are so trite and sexual in nature. Police, government, masculinity in general — all are power constructs meant to put people down so the people running the show can get laid. It's one of those incredibly detrimental walls that the human species will never get around.

Pre-order Subordination from Sacred Bones before the record is out on June 2.