As the internet pushes music to globalize, local scenes don't quite have the strength that they once did. A great example can be found in Austin's the Real Cost, made up of teenagers in Texas who — instead of looking up to Iron Age, Bitter End or Power Trip — take influence from obscure late '80s NYHC band Outburst. With a universe of music's availability at the click of a mouse, any kid can get right to exactly what they're interested in — the timelines are shorter and, as a result, scenes start to dissipate more and more.

Incendiary have been around the block, aren't planning on going anywhere and do not follow that recent rule. Hailing from Long Island, they're not only a staple of the already fertile LIHC scene, but also the current NYHC scene, name-dropping Brooklyn heroes Indecision as one of their primary influences. And while Incendiary have some elements in common with that band — including overall outlook — they're on their own trip, steadily outgrowing the shackles of hardcore and pursuing their own muses.

Incendiary's latest LP is Thousand Mile Stare, due May 5 via Closed Casket Activities. The first single, "The Product Is You," comes right down the middle of the plate for fans of the band — riffy, stuttering chugs mix with death metal stomps, and commanding vocals make for the ideal Incendiary track. It's not too metal, it's challenging and it's also squarely hardcore. Check it out below.