A Place to Bury Strangers are known for their scorched-earth assault on the senses, whether that's via intense fog and lighting or their muscular, riff-tastic take on shoegaze. Even though bombast is key to their delivery, none of it would matter one goddamn bit if they didn't have the songs. And they do.

Bassist Dion Lunadon is from New Zealand, and is a current member of APTBS after serving in the D4 (not to be confused with the similarly named, beer-swilling punk band) in his native homeland (the band has several releases on the much-revered Flying Nun). His latest undertaking is of the solo variety — on June 9, he'll drop his self-titled debut via Agitated Records. The latest release from the LP is for the video for "Fire," a psych-influenced rocker that tips its hat to everything from the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and post-punk to '70s cinema in one fell swoop. It's a howler of a track that's as much fun to listen to as it is to identify the films in the accompanying video. How many can you name?