When your city proclaims itself the "heavy metal capital of the world," you've got a lot to live up to — especially when you dub your style "Helsinki Savagery." Thankfully, Foreseen can hold their own, and then some. Much like recent tourmates Power Trip, these vicious lads practice a pretty untethered version of crossover — one that reminds you of the golden era of Exodus / D.R.I. / Cro-Mags without every spiraling into self-parody. These dudes mean it, and you better be terrified.

Following up their positively unhinged debut LP for 20 Buck Spin, Foreseen are back with a new 7", a preview for another forthcoming effort.  The two-song offering of "Power Intoxication" and "Dying Spirit" is more white-knuckle knuckle-dragging, and serves as a primer for the band's U.S. dates in April / May. You should go, but stream the new effort beforehand, and order yours via Triple B.

Apr. 21 — Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs w/ Peacebreakers, Legion 76, Hammer and the Nails, Burden
Apr. 23 — New York, NY @ Sunnyvale w/TBA #
Apr. 24 — Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb’s w/ Passion, Shadow of Lies +1TBA#
Apr. 25 — Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ Coffin Dust, Malicious Code #
Apr. 26 — Washington, DC @ Black Cat #
Apr. 27 — Richmond, VA @ The Proxy w/ TBA #
Apr. 28 — Raleigh, NC @ King's w/ Bloodrite, Holder's Scar #
Apr. 29 — Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ TBA#
May 1 — Miami, FL @ O'Malley's w/ TBA
May 2 — Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery w/ Flamethrower, C.D.N
May 3 — New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ TBA
May 4 — Houston, TX @ TBA
May 5 — San Antonio, TX @ Paper TIger w/ Graven Rite, Creeping Death, Expander, Afflictive Nature
May 6 — Austin, TX @ Sidewinder w/ TBA
May 7 — Dallas, TX @ Club Dada w/ TBA

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