Power Trip's new LP is decimating the land, but the world of crossover isn't exactly barren. Take Finland's Foreseen, for example — they turn up things up to hyperspeed and have a vocalist who sounds like he's singing through clenched teeth. There are plenty of gang vocals, breakdowns and general fist-pumping moments, but what really makes the band stand out is their excellent songwriting, never letting the divebombs, soaring solos or chugga-chuggas get in the way of a subtle melody. They. Fucking. Rip.

Foreseen's hyperspeed crossover monster Grave Danger hits via 20 Buck Spin on April 21, but ahead of that release, you can stream it in full right here. Their live show is just as bloodthirsty, so catch them at the dates below if you fit in that sweet spot of being a fan of well-executed crossover and having a death wish.

Apr. 21 — Boston, MA @Middle East Upstairs w/ Peacebreakers, Legion 76, Hammer and the Nails, Burden
Apr. 23 — Brooklyn, NY @Sunnyvale w/ Red Death
Apr. 24 — Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb’s w/ Red Death, Passion, Shadow of Lies
Apr. 25 — Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ Red Death, Coffin Dust, Malicious Code
Apr. 26 — Washington, DC @ TBA w/ Red Death
Apr. 27 — Richmond, VA @ The Proxy w/ Red Death
Apr. 28 — Raleigh, NC @ King's w/ Red Death, Bloodrite, Holder's Scar
Apr. 29 — Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ Red Death
May 1 — Miami, FL @ O'Malley's
May 2 — Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery w/ Flamethrower, C.D.N.
May 3 — New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
May 4 — Houston, TX @ TBA
May 5 — San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger w/ Graven Rite, Creeping Death, Expander, Afflictive Nature
May 6 — Austin, TX @ Sidewinder
May 7 — Dallas, TX @ Club Dada