While you're out there chasing down the latest Kendall Jenner Instagrams, Miley (and papa) Cyrus shenanigans, and whatever the fuck it is that Kanye is doing now, there's a world of underground music that's challenging and poking at the establishment. If nothing else, the weird and the confrontational are doing the Lord's work to remind us that music is supposed to be creative and stretch the boundaries of the imagination — not just be able to fit on a sync-able three-minute single. For every overdone "rapper / actor," there are dozens of fascinating artists that are infinitely worth more of your time.

Case in point — just in time for Friday, we have Brandon Seabrook and his new single "The Greatest Bile Pt. 2," an atonal, nightmarish track that sits somewhere between free jazz and an all-out panic attack. This claustrophobic little ditty isn't exactly going for a conventional verse-chorus structure, but makes up for what is missing in structure with feeling. And while I would hardly classify his work as metal (tip o' the cap to contributor Brad Cohan), there is a darkness there that is seldom touched by genres except just that. Stream "The Greatest Bile Pt. 2" below. Terror awaits.

"The Greatest Bile Pt. 2" is culled from Seabrook's new LP, Die Trommel Fatale. Pre-order yours ahead of its June 16 release.