Let's not mince words: Rugged and ruthless as they may be, Kvelertak have always had an open heart, melodically speaking. The Norwegian titans make a point to pitch a big tent, blending ear-catching hooks with unrelenting heaviness — most noticeably on last year's excellent Nattesferd LP, a blood-splattered love letter to Van Halen. Given Kvelertak's penchant for such insidious tactics, it comes as no surprise that two of its members have a power-pop band on the side.

Two years ago, Vidar Landa and Marvin Nygaard (Kvelertak's axeman and bassist, respectively) teamed up with Overthrow drummer Espen Kvaløy and vocalist Børild Haughom to form Beachheads, a gnarled crew that specializes in crunchy jangle-pop à la Teenage Fanclub. After releasing their first single in 2015, the quartet is gearing up to drop their eponymous debut full-length on February 3 via Fysisk Format. "Give Me Some Love" is the band's latest taste of chaos — a major-key monster in a Sugar-y vein, driven by chugging power chords and skittering snares. Were it not for the characteristic bite of Landa's fretwork and Kvaløy's snare pummeling, you may never have guessed that the track came from a bunch of metalheads; such is its transcendent tantrum. Listen below.

Beachheads' self-titled debut LP arrives February 3 via Fysisk Format. Pre-order here.