If you're a fan of occult rituals and tentacled monstrosities, you're in luck: Kvelertak's new visual for "Svartmesse," the fourth track off last May's excellent Nattesferd LP, is essentially one big, spooky octopus cult party. The animated clip was directed by Torjus Førre Erfjord, who also oversaw the band's “Blodtørst” and “Evig Vandrar” videos; it sees him swapping his usual color-laden palette for a vintage-inspired swatch of black, white and green, in order to tell the story of a curious woman who intrudes upon a grim, bloody ritual. Following confrontations with robed plague doctors and a fierce slimy beast, she gazes into the other side, only to meet a grim — if predictable — end. So it goes in the world of Kvelertak: just another night of rituals, accompanied by routine disaster. Watch below.

Kvelertak released Nattesferd earlier this year on Roadrunner.