At first glance, Antonio "Antwon" Williams and Kerry McCoy seem like an odd creative couple. The former made a name for himself by spitting anguished rhymes over disjointed, futuristic beats, while the latter's best known as the lead axeman of metal luminaries Deafheaven. There's a stylistic disparity here, to say the least. But take a closer look and you'll find that this pair of Bay Area natives have a lot in common; both musicians came up in DIY punk (Antwon's a former member of Philadelphia hardcore crew Leather), an upbringing that accordingly produced a shared penchant for aural aggression. They've crossed paths onstage, as well — back in 2013, McCoy joined Antwon for a lively rendition of "In Dark Denim."

It was only a matter of time before Williams and McCoy turned their friendship into a proper artistic partnership, manifested today in their new collaborative track "Changes." The song is set to appear on The 25th Street Sessions, a split 7" to be released in the coming weeks via Nathan Williams' Ghost Ramp label. Listen below.

"Kerry and I met at the last Caltrain stop in San Francisco, summer of 2012," Williams tells Noisey. "Somewhat later on, while working on [Double Ecstasy], I asked Kerry to come in and make something for the record. He did, and this became 'Changes.' Kerry said he had the riff forever in his head. My man Lars Stalfors helped us out overseeing and the rest was herstory."

Certainly, the duo are out to rewrite their respective musical herstorys histories on "Changes." Aside for McCoy's characteristically hazy riffs and Williams' open-hearted lyrics ("I saw your face / You seemed so sad / I felt the same"), the track bears little resemblance to its creators' discographies writ large; there's a strong emo influence here, resulting in a sound reminiscent of Texas Is the Reason, Teen Suicide et al. Good stuff!

Antonio Williams and Kerry McCoy's collaborative 7", The 25th Street Sessions, is coming soon via Ghost Ramp. Nab it here.