For those of you with lingering doubts regarding California's kvlt capabilities, get ready to feel like great, big idiots: Youth Code have tapped two of their Golden State peers to help them state their case, for a very good cause. The Los Angeles EBM duo has just dropped off a remix of "Lost at Sea," a highlight from last year's album Commitment to Complications. Unlike most rock remixes (and we use the term "rock" loosely here), the new version goes far beyond a digital dust-up — this here is a 10-ton, five-alarm triple-team that crushes the original version's previously roomy arrangement down to a staticky pulp, oozing with FX-laden screams from Chelsea Wolfe and Deafheaven frontman George Clarke.

Sonically and lyrically, "Lost at Sea" is as bleak as it gets (hell, just look at the title), but the remix represents a show of hope and solidarity with millions of Americans, on behalf of all four artists. All proceeds from digital sales of the track will directly benefit Planned Parenthood. "Thematically, the song is pretty transparent, as it deals with feelings of loss and frustration — that there is no hope for any redemption in the future," Youth Code explained in a statement to Thump, which premiered the track. "We would like to donate all the proceeds of this song to Planned Parenthood in hopes that people in need of these resources can continue to attain them without ever having to feel lost or frustrated with taking care of their reproductive health." Give it a spin below.

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Youth Code released their Commitment to Complications LP last April. Get it here.