Scotland's And Yet It Moves, the new project from Amazing Snakeheads expat Dale Barclay, are a group that make it their mission to ascend beyond any genre limitations. Each song released thus far has been a sprawling work of different sounds and moods, and their new single, "Ketamine Ma'am," is no exception. Unnerving, noisy, ambient soundscapes give way to an intricate piano piece before the song hurls itself into a fiery, primal scream. The clip combines burnt-down buildings with masked, mid-forest processions — all bizarre every step of the way. True to its song title, the track feels like a terrifying drug trip you're incapable of escaping — yet one you might find a kind of strange hope in completing.

Of the song, Barclay says:

'Ketamine Ma'am' is the rage in motion that the Welsh man called for ... Brothers! Sisters! RAGE! A song for the bastard among the humans and with no limits, Death meets the Ketamine Ma'am. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Whitly Bay ... BURN! BURN! BURN! All welcome. No prisoners.