You ever want to throw your lame job away and start "hanging out" on a professional level? Then you should probably take some cues from Young Mammals. The Houston band plays acid-washed rock music that's perfect for an endless summer of maxing and relaxing. Today, they're premiering their new video for "Jaguar," a cut off their recent album of the same name. The video follows the band just chilling hard, going from the beach to different bars, and having the best time possible. The song is the sonic equivalent of a cool, sunny day in the sand, guitars reverbing out like smiles.

Of the video, singer Carlos Sanchez says, "When we were making the video and hearing the song over and over again, Trey, the director of the video, said that the song sounded mean to him. Once he said, 'The meaning of the song changed for me.' Rather [than] it being a positive song about a fierce jaguar, [it's] a negative song of a person chasing an idea of becoming a jaguar."

Check out "Jaguar" for yourself below, and pick up the record from Bandcamp.