Winnipeg, Manitoba's Withdrawal play the kind of metallic hardcore that could incite a riot at high volume. With years of EPs and demos under their belt, the five-piece is going hard with their debut full-length, Never, which is as killer a mission statement any band could hope for. It kicks into gear with opener "An Offering," mixing hardcore beats with riffs played so rapidly, they give off a black metal vibe. The record is undoubtedly hardcore, focusing on the genre's darker, more intense aspects. "Forever" is a kick right to the chest, helicopter drumming and mad vocals revving up to a ridiculous speed, while "Tracing Fingers Along Imperfections" slows everything down without sacrificing any of the sinister intent. The record is loud and evil, and never lets up. Find your PMA shit elsewhere.

Hear the album below, and pick up your copy from Escapist before it's out November 28.