Brooklyn-by-way-of-Virginia duo Winstons bring a new edge to grassroots garage-soul. Today, the band is premiering their video for recent single "Enough." The clip follows the two on a typical day, as they do what they do best — namely playing some rollicking bluegrass music in a variety of Brooklyn locations, all the while stopping for the occasional game of billiards. It's smooth and cool, the convergence of genres generating something meaty and real.

Of the song, the band says:

We conceived it as Part II, with the 'Without You' video being Part I. We shot them at the same time with Sergio and Tony from Buried Muse. We bump into our doppelgangers, who are playing the B side.

We shot it mostly at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, where we met, and at my most local pub, Connie O’s. It’s a lament of self-destruction, pitted against optimistic self-determinism, through the eyes of the only one you can honestly parlay with in the morning: yourself. The window in the video is literally the window in the first phrase of the song: 'Shouldn’t hurt so bad sitting still, smoking cigarettes at my windowsill.' The live footage is also from Baby’s All Right, in February. BoyToy was headlining. We always enjoy them. As for the pool bits, I really dig The Hustler, and The Color of Money. We play a fair amount, mostly when we tour. It’s a good way to kill a couple hours between soundcheck.