White Walls are a shoegaze band out of Melbourne, Australia that keep the genre as heavy as possible. The band has remained quiet for the past couple of years since their 2015 double album Afterthought In Limbo, but have now dropped a new 7". Upon listening to tracks like "Summit," you'll hear the band's methodology at work when it comes to the genre. The heaviness the band produces from their guitars creates a noisy but soothing atmosphere you won't want to leave, reminiscent of other acts in the genre like Astrobrite. The single marches on, relenting a little on mid track breather "Inter*," before pulling it all together for "Temporary Fix," a track that starts off with a slightly poppy twist before devolving into a full on noise attack. It's an EP to reintroduce listeners to the band, proving they're one of the most exciting acts to look for in the genre.

Hear the 7" below, and grab it from Black Wire.